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Gigli pasta

Gigli pasta is the creamiest and most delicious dish that would appeal to your taste buds to a great extent. Prepared with Gigli pasta, broccoli and vegan white cream sauce, it not only fascinates you but comforts you with its healthy diet. Who wouldn’t crave the blend of cashew nuts and cauliflowers to make a dairy-free and oil-free alfredo pasta sauce? This meal is a plant-based Italian meal for those who can’t imagine their life without pasta. Just follow the recipe and try it to satisfy your sense of taste.

gigli pasta

For this recipe, you need to have trader joe’s Gigli pasta, which is a pasta that has furry edges and shapes like twisty corkscrews. It is also called ‘Campanelle”, which means tower. You can try your pasta recipe with Gigli pasta. trader joe’s Gigli pasta cook time is 5-7 minutes and gives you an excellent taste and quality to your dish. Gigli pasta recipes are the most delicious and delightful of all the others you may have tried earlier in life. Add it to your pasta meals and have a unique flavour with a blend of quality and taste in your pasta recipes.

What is Gigli pasta?

Gigli pasta is a superbly creamy dish and amazing in its flavour. It is an amalgamation of the plant-based ingredients. It is created with Gigli pasta, creamy white sauce made from almond milk, cauliflower and steamed broccoli.

gigli pasta

If you taste it, you won’t be able to keep your hands off it. You can try its recipe at home and eat it as often as possible.

What are the ingredients to make Gigli pasta?

  • Gigli pasta 

The pasta you can use is Gigli pasta. It is curly and twirled pasta cooked in creamy vegan white sauce.

  • Cauliflower 
  • It would help if you had fresh cauliflower to make the sauce for pasta. It keeps the cream light and provides low calories. You can always keep it prepared in advance by cutting the cauliflower florets.
  • Raw cashews – Cashews add richness and body to the sauce

The creaminess and thick texture of the sauce grant superb flavour to the Gigli pasta with vegan sauce. For the creamiest and yummiest flavour, you will need cashews that add richness and thickness to the sauce.


Broccoli is needed for the recipe in the fresh form. You can get it steamed already and use it in the recipe later.

  • Black pepper

For aroma and flavour, you can add black pepper, which is freshly ground. It will enhance the aroma and flavour both in the fresh form.

  • Salt

You can use any salt of any brand, but if you use sea salt, it will be the nicest to give a rich flavour to the Gigli pasta.

  • Almond milk

Almond milk will enrich the flavour of the sauce. You need to add it to the cauliflower paste that needs to be blended with almond milk and other ingredients. It will provide magnificent flavour to pasta.

gigli pasta

What are the ingredients substitutes?

Gigli pasta

You can always substitute gigli pasta with any other of your choice to try this recipe.  casarecce, gemelli, penne, rotini, conchiglie or medium shells all are a grat choice for a pasta.

Fresh cauliflower

Fresh cauliflower adds taste to the pasta recipe, but you can always replace it with the frozen one for convenience, so you don’t have to rush to get the fresh one from the market.

Fresh garlic cloves –

Fresh garlic always helps boost the pasta’s flavour, but you can still use the fresh minced garlic with garlic powder.

Unsweetened almond milk –

 The almond milk is available in both forms in the market. You can have the unsweetened or sweetened almond milk. Instead, you can use plant-based, unflavoured oats, soy, and cashew milk.

How do you prepare Gigli Pasta ?

Gigli pasta is a rich, creamy, and flavorful meal that will make you love it with every bite. It is cooked, preparing all the ingredients separately and assembled later. Here are the steps to prepare all the ingredients to be assembled to cook gigli pasta.

Boil pasta:

It would help if you had a pan filled with water up to the extent that it would dip the whole packet of gigli pasta in it. Then add salt in it about 1 tbsp along with oil in the same amount, and put it on medium heat to boil.

Steam broccoli:

You have to prepare broccoli in advance, steaming it. You can do it by adding in a microwave bowl and adding some water to let the broccoli steam in. You need to microwave it for 2 minutes at least.

Prepare the sauce:

You need to have a blender and combine all the ingredients for the white creamy sauce. Blend them all well and get a rich and thick paste to add to the pasta cooking process.

Assemble all the ingredients to cook.

You need to add all the ingredients in the pan step by step. First, add pasta in the saucepan, then broccoli, after draining them. Then add cauliflower and almond milk paste and adjust salt and black pepper as per your taste.

gigli pasta

Ideas for variation

Some individuals love spiciness in their food, including pasta. Gigli pasta is a plant-based pasta dish that you would love with the white cream sauce of almond milk and other ingredients. Still, you can make variations in it, making it spicy for your spice lovers close ones.

Here some ideas for variation are given below:

Make it Spicy –

Those who love spiciness can use red chilli flakes in their giggle pasta meal. It would be best if you got some red chilis, crush them to make their flakes, and add them to the pasta as much as you want. You can add it when you cook pasta or add it to the white sauce. If you want to make it extra hot, add some more! The choice is all yours.

  • Make it Cheesy 

Another group loves creaminess in their meals and can’t live without cheese. Those individuals can add 2 tsp of nutritional yeast to the sauce before you blend it or sprinkle grated cheese on top of the cooked pasta to have the flavour and the taste you have always desired in your pasta recipe.

Gigli pasta
  • Mushroom Asparagus –
  • How nice it would be to have mushrooms added to your pasta! You can replace broccoli with mushrooms in the Gigli pasta recipe to have variation in the flavour. You need to saute some mushrooms and make vegan creamy mushroom pasta.
  • Kale and Corn 
  • It is easy for you to replace broccoli. It would be best to have kale and corn and try the creamy pasta with kale and corn. Although the ingredients will differ, the nicest and creamy taste is promised again.
  • Use different pasta –

There are a lot of variations in pasta, and you can pick any shape for yourself. casarecce, gemelli, macaroni, rotini, shells, linguini, angel hair or fettuccini. Being a pasta lover, you would be fine with eating any of them. You can also choose to have whole wheat pasta if you want to.

  • Gluten-free – Make your gluten-free pasta made of rice, quinoa or chickpeas instead of the Gigli to make this gluten-free.

The gluten-conscious look for gluten-free meals all around. You can make gluten-free pasta made of rice or chickpeas.

  • WFPBNO – Make this whole food plant with no oil by using whole wheat pasta

The pasta would do good to those who love to have plant-based food. You can have whole wheat pasta and enjoy it.

  • Nut-free 

You can always make this giggle pasta recipe without any nuts. Just use nut-free plant milk and turn your sauce into something amazing.

Nutritional information

Gigli pasta in vegan style contains Protein 20 g 66 g of carbs, 12 g of sugar, 2 g of saturated Fat, 10 g of Total Fat, sodium 576 mg of, and  Calories 413  for your nutritional health. This meal is enriched in minerals, vitamins and nutrients to keep your health active and proper.

Tips to cook gigli pasta quickly

Although making gigli pasta is very easy, there are some tips you need to follow to prepare ahead of time.

Do the following to prepare it quickly:

You can prepare the ingredients ready in advance to add to the recipe. The first thing you can do is keep the broccoli steamed and in an airtight jar to keep it fresh and prevent it from losing its real flavour.

Then, you can prepare the vegan sauce in advance to save time with your family and guests. Get all the ingredients ready in the blender and smash and blend them. And there you go! The white sauce is ready for you to enjoy later. Keep this prepared sauce in a glass jar with an airtight lid to keep it fresh until the time comes.It is easy to get all the ingredients on the shelf during cooking. Wonderful no? You can boil your gigli pasta beforehand. You can cook it nicely and place it in an airtight jar to use for later

How do you store the leftovers?

The simplest and easiest way to store the leftovers for your late-night cravings is in an airtight box. You can keep the leftover ingredients in the airtight box for later or cook giggle pasta and store all the ingredients together. Whatever way you choose,

It will keep the cooked or uncooked ingredients fresh for five days. It is highly recommended to refrain from using them afterwards as they will become stale and could make you face the consequences.

Note: The sauce, while stored, may get thickened. The way out of it is to add more almond milk to get the nicest liquid texture later.

Gigli pasta recipe

Gigli pasta is rich in flavour as it contains almond milk, cauliflower paste, broccoli, and Gigli pasta. The meal is plant-based and is loved for its creamy and soft texture and remarkable flavour. If you loved eating it at some restaurant once, follow this recipe and make it as many times as you want to satiate your hunger for pasta.

Yield: 1 serving



Total Time: 45 Minutes

Active:    25 Minutes

Prep:  20 Minutes 

Nutritional AnalysisPer Serving
Serving SizeOne serving
Cholesterol0 mg
Total Fat10 g
Saturated Fat2  g
Carbohydrates66 g
Protein 20 g
Sodium576 mg
Calories413 Kcal
Sugar12 g


  • 1 packet Gigli pasta (campanelle)
  • One whole head of cauliflower 
  • ½ cup cashews nuts
  • 2-3 cloves garlic
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp black pepper
  • 1 ½ cups almond milk(unsweetened)
  • 24 ounces frozen broccoli

Directions for the vegan white sauce

Step 1:

Add cauliflower(in florets form) to a pan and water to boil it.

Step 2:

Add cashew nuts and garlic to cook with cauliflower for 5 minutes at least.

Step 3:

Drain them all and add them to a blender with salt, black pepper, and almond milk to make a nice and smooth paste.

Directions for pasta


Take Gigli pasta and add it to the pan with some water.

Step 2:

Mix salt and 2 tbsp oil in the pasta and boil it. Drain it when done.

Directions for assembling pasta

Step 1:

Take a pan and add pasta and add steamed broccoli in It.

Step 2:

 Mix the almond milk paste in the pan with broccoli and pasta.

Step 3:

Cook for a while and adjust salt and black pepper as per requirement.

Step 4:

Top the rice with raw salmon first and then with imitation crab meat, cucumber, and avocado one by one.

Step 5:

Serve it when ready!

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