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Little Debbie Ice Cream Christmas tree

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream is a fun seasonal dessert everyone loves. It has heavy cream, sweet condensed milk, Christmas tree cake, vanilla extract, red buttercream, and sprinkles. It is a homemade little festive dessert that you would never stop eating or adoring for its aesthetic appeal. If you don’t get it from the store, make this seasonal holiday treat by following easy steps.

little debbie ice cream

What is a little Debbie ice cream Christmas tree cake

Little Debbie ice cream Christmas tree cake is a flavourful dessert with sweetness, colourfulness and cuteness. This frozen dessert is for you to admire for the holiday season! It is made of vanilla extract, whipped cream, Christmas tree cake, and red buttercream. The green and red sprinkles add to the spirit of this dessert.

Who is the maker of it?

Little Debbie Christmas tree cake ice cream is the result of the collaboration between the Little Debbie company and Hudsonville Ice Cream. It is available exclusively in Walmart stores.

When did it come out?

This adorable frozen treat that features cream, condensed milk, Christmas tree cake and sprinkles was embellished on Walmart shelves in November 2022. It originated in 1985, like the original Christmas tree cakes.

What are the different flavours of the Little Debbie Christmas tree cake ice cream?

Little Debbie Christmas tree cake ice cream has different flavours, which are Oatmeal Creme Pies Ice Cream, Cosmic Brownies Ice Cream, Honey Buns Ice Cream, Zebra Cakes Ice Cream, Strawberry Shortcake Rolls Ice Cream, Nutty Bars Ice Cream, Swiss Rolls Ice Cream, Birthday Cakes Ice Cream.


Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes ice cream needs some ingredients that are easy to find to make this party dessert.

Little Debbie Ice Cream

Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes:

The Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes are to be bought to make it as you need to have a Christmas touch in it.

Condensed milk:

It has to be sweetened. Only go for the one with sugar; otherwise, maintaining the sugary flavour will not be possible.

Heavy cream:

Heavy cream is an essential ingredient of this recipe and is easily available in nearby stores. It has to be whipped vigorously to be used in the dessert.

Vanilla extract:

It is easily available and will be needed to add to the flavour of the cream mixture.


Use red buttercream to add to the Christmas festive dessert.

Christmas Sprinkles:

The sprinkles you need to use are green and red Christmas sparkles.

How to make it?

Heavy whipping cream:

Add the heavy whipping cream to a bowl and whip it to make it potentially firmer for the recipe.

Little Debbie Ice Cream

Condensed milk, vanilla extract and Christmas tree cake

Next, you must mix vanilla extract, condensed milk and Christmas tree cake (in pieces) in the whipped cream bowl.

Add toppings

Add the mixture to the metal bread pan and sprinkle Christmas sprinklers.

Chill it:

Keep the metal bread pan full of the festive dessert in the freezer for about 8-10 hours.

Tips and tricks

Keep the condensed milk and heavy cream in the fridge

You can keep the condensed milk and heavy cream in the fridge to keep them cold until you use them for the recipe. The cold will give you the firmer texture you need for the mixture.

Little Debbie Ice Cream

Use longer sprinkles

Sprinkles, it is better to use the longer ones, and you can add as many as you want.

Chocolate tree cake

You can choose chocolate tree cakes if you want this delicious treat to be chocolaty.

More Christmas tree pieces

You can use a half packet of the Christmas cake in this recipe.

Chopped Christmas tree

The chocolate or Christmas tree must be chopped down into small pieces to add to the whipped cream mixture.

Use a cold beater and bowl.

You need to chill the beater and the bowl in which you need to make your mixture. This way, the ice cream will freeze fast.

Little Debbie Ice Cream

Prepare in advance

You can make the whipped cream and condensed milk mixture in advance and keep it in the fridge in an airtight jar to keep it fresh.

How to store it?

You can keep this awesome and fancy dessert in the freezer for about two weeks using an airtight jar or box to keep it safe from moisture to maintain the flavour.

Little Dobbie Christmas Ice Cream Where to Buy

Little Debbie Ice Cream Walmart is fun to have, and it is available on the Walmart shelves for your convenience and enjoyment.

Little Debbie Ice Cream near me

If you want to give pleasure to your taste buds with the Walmart Little Debbie ice cream, you can go to the Walmart store and satisfy your sense of taste.

Little Debbie Ice Cream

Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes ice cream calories?

This sweet treat has 813 calories, which makes it a good dessert for people who are not diet-conscious.

Little Debbie Christmas Tree ice cream is unsuitable for diet-conscious, keto, vegan, low carb and dairy or gluten-free diets. The vegans need to know that this treat is made with natural flavours, but they have an unidentified source. If you want to try it for people who are calorie conscious, then you have the carbs and calorie ice cream and can have a low-fat version of the whipping cream than the heavy ones.

little debbie ice cream


Where can I find Little Debbie Christmas tree ice cream?

This sweet delight is too real and can be found in all the Walmart stores.

little debbie ice cream

Will replacing heavy cream with low-fat one change the flavour of the dessert?

No, if you use the low-fat cream, it will only affect the count of calories you take in and not the taste of the dessert.

Does Little Debbie Christmas tree ice cream stay delicious even in different flavours?

This adorable dessert is loved in all its versions and flavours, but people love the Little Debbie Christmas tree ice cream as a holiday festive treat.

Can I store the leftover ice cream?

Yes, you can use it for later, freezing it in an airtight container for up to two weeks.

little debbie ice cream

How long does the homemade Little Debbie Christmas tree ice cream last?

You can enjoy this ice cream by freezing it for up to 2 months and wrapping it in plastic foil.


Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream is the most delicious and fascinating delight you would love. There is no chance that you would stop eating it once you start for the deliciousness and delightfulness that it offers for its enthusiasts. The frozen dessert is a packed treat and can turn any event into a party with its magnificence. Try making this homemade festive and enjoy it to your fullest as it is easy to make and difficult to stop eating!

little debbie ice cream

Yield: 1 serving

Level : Medium

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Active:    5 Minutes

Prep:  5 Minutes 

Waiting time: 10 hours

Nutritional AnalysisPer Serving
Serving SizeOne serving
Cholesterol212 mg
Total Fat40 g
Saturated Fat 23 g
Carbohydrates103 g
Protein 11 g
Sodium572 mg
Calories813 Kcal
Sugar80 g

Ingredients For Little Debbie Ice Cream

  • One can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp Christmas tree sprinkles
  • 1.2 cup red buttercream
  • One packet of Christmas tree cake
little debbie ice cream

Directions for preparation


Add cream to a bowl, whipping it to the extent that it becomes a little firm.

Step 2:

Add condensed milk and half of the sprinkles from the mentioned quantity in the same bowl and stir to mix them well.

Step 3:

Chop five Christmas tree cakes from the pack of six and leave one for the embellishment. Mix all the chopped pieces of the Christmas tree cake in the cream and condensed milk mixture.

Step 4:

Add 1/3 cup of ice cream to a loaf pan and top it with red buttercream.

Step 5:

Use the rest of the sprinkles on this dessert and place the one left piece of the Christmas tree cake in the center.

Step 6:

Wrap the dessert in the plastic foil and freeze it for 8-10 hours to enjoy it chilled and frozen.

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