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The jungle juice recipe with Fruit

If you want your party to rock, add the delicious and fascinating jungle juice and see yourself having the best time.  The drink is fabulous and tasty, with the kick of rum, vodka and triple sec absorbing in the mind-blowing flavours of the fruits, too.  It is a potent drink for big gatherings with its sweetness and fruity flavours.  The drink is made under budget and will please everyone as a sensory delight.  Try the best jungle juice recipe for a party.

jungle juice recipe

What is jungle juice?

Jungle juice is a drink made for the people in the gathering.  It is made in large quantities and can easily be served in two or 5 gallons.  Fruit juice, alcohol and triple sec are combined to make this strong jungle juice recipe.

jungle juice recipe

What is the place of origin of the jungle juice?

The US soldiers in the South Pacific jungle invented the jungle juice in the Second World War.  The story behind its making is that alcohol was expensive for them to consume, so they came up with this drink.  Now, there are varieties of jungle juice recipes being tried worldwide, each with a different kick!

What type of drink is jungle juice?

Jungle juice is a punch that is created using ingredients that are easy to find.  It is made by combining fruits, juices, sodas, rum, and vodka and garnished with fruit slices of your choice.  It is a boozy and sweet drink, though not severely boozy.

What does the jungle juice taste like?

The Jungle juice contains juices, fruits and alcohol, but you cannot taste alcohol.

What is the best jungle juice recipe?

Jungle juice is made in many varieties, but the best one goes with the combination of fruits, juice vodka, rum, and triple sec.  The fruits are important here as they hide the flavour of the alcohol added to them.  You can also try the liquid marijuana jungle juice recipe.

Jungle Juice Recipe

Jungle Juice Recipe Ingredients


It would help to have Strawberries, pineapples, oranges and lemons sliced up in the punch bowl.  You can add more fruits like kiwi slices, apples, blueberries and any other fruits you like to add and keep stirring.


For this amazing drink, you must grab vodka, rum and triple sec, a delightful orange-flavour liqueur.

Tropical Fruit Juices

It would help to have tropical fruits, fresh lime, orange juice, lemonade and pineapple juice.  You can also add any other tropical fruit juices of your choice.

Lime Soda

In lime soda, you need to add fizz, flavour and sweetness.  You can also have cream soda, ginger ale and light-coloured soda for jungle juice.

Other Fruit Juices

You can select Cranberry juice, strawberry juice, and fruit punch to get the fruity freshness of this juice.

Recipe variations

Alcohol Swap:

You can swap alcohol with bourbon, tequila, whiskey and brandy.  You can also use any other fruit-flavoured liqueur instead of triple sec.

Fruit Swap: 

If you are out of season, then go for the frozen fruits. You can have guava, mango, papaya and cherimoya.

Fruit Juice: 

You always change the fruit juices in this drink, and you can even use energy drinks or apple cider to make jungle juice give you an extra kick.

No alcohol:

It is also an option that you can use fruit-flavoured sodas instead of alcohol.  Grape, strawberry, orange, and pineapple are fruit sodas you can use to enjoy the drink.

jungle juice recipe

How to make jungle juice

  • Add all the sliced and other fruits to a drink dispenser or punch bowl.
  • Pour in vodka, triple sec and rum along with the fruit juices(part of the recipe or others).  Stir them all well.
  • Chill for 24 hours or 2 hours at least before you serve it to your buddies.
  • Garnish it with whatever fruits you like.

What makes this recipe so good?

Jungle juice is delightfully delicious and stunning.  Its recipe does not make less use of alcohol, but it is used in such a balance that in the presence of fruits and fruit juices, you cannot even taste alcohol.  But it would be best to spend it wisely, not to get drunk.

How much alcohol is in jungle juice?

Jungle juice only contains 20% alcohol.  You cannot even taste it in the drink.

How can you make jungle juice under budget?

If you want to rock the party with jungle juice but still do it under budget, buy low-cost vodka and rum.  If you want to save your cash, go for something like Smirnoff or Tito’s vodka.  You can also choose Bacardi rum, a great budget-friendly option.

How can you have less strong jungle juice?

 The simple way is to use less alcohol and more juice to make your jungle juice less strong.

jungle juice recipe

Tips and variations to make your recipe a success

Change the measurements

You can always adjust the measurement of the ingredients used in the recipe.  Adjusting the ingredients can make it for a bigger or smaller party.

Freeze Fruit before using it.

Mix the alcohol with pineapple juice and freeze it the night before to keep it chilled.

Reduce the Alcohol 

If you want to save yourself and others from the consumption of alcohol in large quantities, then reduce its amount to have a safer party.

jungle juice recipe

Experiment with different flavours

You can pick different flavours for your jungle juice.  For example, you can use flavoured vodka and rums like mango, lemon, and coconut rum. 

The fruits and fruit juices can also differ from those mentioned in the recipe.  It is all up to you what fruits you are going to use.

You can replace lemon-lime soda with club soda, seltzer water and sparkling soda.

Garnish ideas

You can have different garnishes with fruits from the punch or any other fruits to your liking and can use paper umbrellas and other embellishments to raise the aesthetics of your drink.

How would you prepare and store the jungle juice?

Jungle juice has to be prepared in advance.  You need to mix everything in the punch bowl and leave it overnight.  You can store the leftover juice in the fridge and freeze it for up to 2 weeks.

jungle juice recipe


Is it possible to make jungle juice without alcohol?

The jungle juice recipe is something that has many varieties you can even try making without the use of alcohol at all.  If you want a safer party, you can use less alcohol or make it absolutely non-alcoholic.

What else can you use, the alternative of rum and vodka?

You can choose whiskey, bourbon, and tequila to avoid using rum or vodka in your jungle juice recipe.

Can we use frozen fruits instead of fresh ones for jungle juice?

 Absolutely!  You don’t necessarily have to use fresh fruits.  You can use frozen instead of fresh fruits to make this drink a party rocker.

What can you serve jungle juice with?

You can see jungle juice with ham and cheese sliders, air-fryer coconut shrimp and pulled pork egg rolls.  You can omit food at all and have the drink party to up your mood as well.

What other names are there for jungle juice?

Wapatoola, purple death, trash can punch, or hooch are some of the jungle juice versions.

jungle juice recipe

Best Jungle juice recipe

Yield: 1 serving

Level: Medium

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Active:    5 Minutes

Prep:  5 Minutes 

Waiting time: 24 hours

Nutritional AnalysisPer Serving
Serving SizeOne serving
Total Fat0.3 g
Saturated Fat 0.04  g
Carbohydrates21 g
Protein 1 g
Sodium4 mg
Sugar18 g
By cookingflavour.com

Ingredients for fruit garnish

  • Two sliced lemons
  • Two oranges sliced
  • 2 cups sliced strawberry
  • 2 cups chopped pineapples
  • 2 limes sliced

Ingredients for fruit juices and sodas

  • 2 cups pineapple juice
  • 4 cups lemonade
  • 4 cups strawberry juice
  • Two cups of orange juice
  • 4 cups fruit punch
  • ½ cup lime juice
  • 2 cups cranberry juice
  • Two cans of lime soda

Ingredients for The Alcohol

  • 2 cups rum
  • 2 cups vodka
  • 1 cup triple sec

Directions for fruit

Step1 :

Add the fruits to the bottom of the punch bowl.

Directions for Alcohol juice and soda


Pour all the juices, soda and alcohol in their mentioned quantity in the same bowl.

Step 2:

 Add more lime soda and alcohol if you want to.

Step 3:

chill the drink overnight and make the fruits suck the liquor.

Step 4:

Serve it cold whenever you like jungle juice recipe!

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