Site Availability Strategy Availability Proclamation
Refreshed: February 2023

Cooking Flavour endeavors to guarantee that its administrations are available to individuals with incapacities. Cooking Flavour has contributed a lot of assets to assist with guaranteeing that its site is made simpler to utilize and more open for individuals with incapacities, with the deep conviction that site openness endeavors help all clients and that each individual has the option to live with nobility, balance, solace and freedom.

Cooking Flavour proceeds with its endeavors to continually work on the availability of its site and administrations in the conviction that it is our aggregate ethical constraint to permit consistent, open and unhindered use additionally for any of us with handicaps.

In a continuous work to persistently improve and remediate availability issues, we additionally consistently examine to distinguish and fix each conceivable openness obstruction on our site. In spite of our endeavors to make all pages and content on completely available, some happy might not as yet have been completely adjusted to the strictest openness norms. This might be a consequence of not having found or distinguished the most suitable innovative arrangement.

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