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Sour Spagetti recipe

Why wouldn’t you want to please your taste buds with the classiest and yummy dish, sour Spagetti? It catches the attention of all with its captivating appearance and beautifully advanced taste. Sour Spagetti combines fried brown meat, fried mushrooms, and carrots, all cooked nicely in tomato sauce with rich spices. This treat is rich in its flavor and would make you never cease your hand from eating it.


What is sour Spagetti?

Sour Spagetti is a dish made by frying meat and mushrooms, all cooked in the most appealing tomato sauce made with tomato juice, paste, and crushed tomatoes. The sauce is flavorful and sour; you would love to have it with Spagetti.

What is the origin of sour Spagetti?

Spagetti is part of Italian cuisine, and it is mostly served with tomato sauce and herbs like oregano, olive oil, basil, or meat. It is now part of the international cuisine and is served in tins and cans in the United States.

How do you make sour Spagetti?

You start by boiling the Spagetti and then prepare the tomato sauce, adding tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, tomato juice, and large cans of water. Add parsley, oregano, and garlic fried separately, then add bay leaves, carrots, and green capsicum to the sauce. Then, you fry mushrooms and meat until it’s cooked nicely, add them to the sauce, and let all the ingredients cook in the sauce for 2-3 hours.

What is the nutritional value of the sour Spagetti?

Sour Spagetti caloriesare 1250, Fat 0.5 g, cholesterol 0 mg, sodium 0 mg, protein 4 g, and total carbs 22 g.


What are the ingredients to use?

The ingredients you use in the sour Spagetti recipe are the following.

Ingredients for tomato sauce

Tomato juice

 It would be best to have fresh tomato juice to enhance the sour flavor.

Tomato paste

You can use any brand for the tomato paste or make your homemade paste.

Crushed tomatoes

The fresh and crushed tomatoes you need to make the tomato sauce

Garlic cloves

Garlic is needed in the chopped form to add to the tomato sauce.

Green capsicum

Green capsicum will bring flavor and color to the sauce,


The fresh fried carrots will enhance the flavor of the tomato sauce with their chunks.


Mushrooms, with their delicious taste, will enhance the flavor of the sauce and sour Spagetti


2 pounds of hamburger will be needed to double the flavor of the sour Spagetti

Black pepper, dried red chili, and salt


 Any brand would be suitable for the Spagetti to use in this recipe.

Parsley and basil

Using these precisely will elevate the aroma and flavor of the tomato sauce.


Oregano develops the flavor of everything it is used to. The tomato sauce for Spagetti will let you enjoy its flavor, too.


Ingredients Substitutions

Frozen tomatoes:

The frozen tomatoes can also be used instead of fresh tomatoes to make a paste and add sauce to the cooked tomato sauce.


Instead of hamburgers, you can also use chicken chunks to fry and add in the sour tomato sauce.

Cream Cheese:

You can add cream cheese or cheese of any brand, whether dairy-free or not, to add the tomato sauce or use it separately when serving Spagetti.

How to make the best sour Spagetti?

Tomato sauce:

Prepare the sauce by adding tomato paste, sauce, crushed tomatoes, and tomato juice in a pan and adding fried garlic, parsley, and oregano.

 Fried mushroom and hamburger:

 Add hamburger, mushrooms, and spices like salt, black pepper, and crushed chili. Fry them all together till the meat is cooked and brown.


Add the fried hamburger, mushrooms, sliced carrots, and capsicum to the sauce. Let it simmer on low, medium heat, and enjoy with Spagetti when ready.

How do you store?

To store the cooked tomato sauce or sour Spagetti, use an airtight container to stay fresh for up to 4 days.


Sour Spagetti recipe

What a wonderful delight is the sour Spagetti that would appeal to your taste buds and other senses. The dish has an aesthetic visual appeal and fascinates your multi-senses through its colors, aroma, and taste. Just try this sour Spagetti recipe and enjoy your happy meal.

Yield: 1 serving



Total Time: 30 Minutes

Active:    15 Minutes

Prep:  15 Minutes 

Waiting time: 2-3 hours

Nutritional AnalysisPer Serving
Serving SizeOne serving
Cholesterol570 mg
Total Fat0 g
Saturated Fat0 g
Carbohydrates22 g
Protein 4 g
Sodium0 mg
Calories460 Kcal
Sugars0 g

Spagetti Ingredients

  • Two cans of tomato juice
    • One can crushed tomatoes
    • One can tomato sauce
    • One can tomato paste
    • 2 tbsp. oregano
    • 2 tbsp. basil
    • 3-4 chopped garlic cloves
    • 2 tbsp. parsley
    • ½ Chopped mushroom
    • One chopped green pepper
    • One chopped onion
    • Two bay leaves
    • Two carrots
    • 2-pound hamburger
    • 1 tbsp. black pepper
    • 1 tbsp. dried red chili
    • 1 packet Spagetti

Directions for boiling Spagetti

Step 1

Add water to a large pan, add 2 tbsp. vegetable oil, and Spagetti it to boil.

step 2:

Drain the Spagetti and add them in a bowl using 1 tbsp. oil to help them not stick.

Directions for tomato sauce

Step 1:

Take a saucepan and add two cans of tomato juice, crushed tomatoes, and tomato sauce to bring it to a simmer.

Step 2:

In a separate pan, add oil, oregano, garlic cloves in the chopped form, and parsley, and after stirring for a while and frying it, add it to the tomato juice saucepan.

Step 3:

Add tomato paste and two large cans of water to a pan. Let them boil to the tomato sauce that has already been getting ready.


Directions for cooking mushrooms and hamburger and serving

Step 1:

In another saucepan, add oil, chopped onion, chopped green capsicum, chopped mushrooms, and salt to taste, along with black pepper to taste. Sauté them all and add to the tomato sauce.

Step 2:

Add 2 pounds of hamburger, garlic, salt, black pepper, and red chili to your taste. Fry them all until the meat is golden brown, and add to the sauce.

Step 3:

Add nicely cut carrots and bay leaves to the sauce.

Step 4:

Let all the sauce simmer on medium heat with all the ingredients in it for 3-4 hours.

step 5:

Serve the sour Spagetti spread on the plate and topped with tomato sauce or you can simply add Spagetti to the tomato sauce and serve in a bowl.

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