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Fried Chicken Ice Cream

Surfing through the TikTok trends you come across the crazy looking fried chicken ice cream. For once it may hold you back but eventually you want to try it. Surprisingly it’s not fried chicken ice cream but an ice cream that looks like fried chicken.

Fried Chicken Ice Cream

Confused? Things on social media make you wonder about reality at times. What you see is not literally the thing you think it is. Similar is the case with this fried chicken ice cream trend.

But What Is It Actually Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

Well, fried chicken ice cream is a dessert made to look like fried chicken. It is totally edible ice cream and it is not actually fried. The only presentation of the desert gives a prototype of actual fried chicken. So, you can trick your brain while having it.

Origin of The Dish

Pastry chef Cynthia Wong of Life Raft Treats gave the idea of the fried chicken ice cream in South Carolina. It is her funny yet yummy creation. If you are in South Carolina, you can search for not fried chicken ice cream near me and land at the chef’s place somehow to try it. The process is simple, you can wrap ice cream around a chocolate bar and freeze it. Then dip the chocolate bar chicken leg in the white melted chocolate and coat it with crushed cornflakes.

fried chicken ice cream

Where to Buy Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

If you are curious to try the fried chicken ice cream, you do not have to search for fried chicken ice cream where to buy, as it’s not available at the marketplace. Instead of looking for fried chicken ice cream near me, try making it yourself. It’s pretty simple and easy but requires a little time and patience. Eventually, it’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Remember, you cannot get any alternative, not fried chicken ice cream from Walmart, so it’s better to add some effort.

You can also try a pizza fried chicken ice cream restaurantto have delicious pizza made from ice cream.

Nutritional Benefits

Not fried chicken ice cream whole foods is a delicious, creamy, and fresh treat for all.  Along with crispy, crunchy, sweet, and salty flavors, it improves your nutritional health. It has all the high-quality ingredients that have health benefits. It has calories, carbs, and fats that are essential for the body to gain energy and stay healthy.   It has less sugar and is salty and contains all the nutrients that are good to maintain a sound health.

fried chicken ice cream

Everything You Need to Get Start

To make a wonderful friend, you have to keep everything available with you. Collecting all the ingredients and utensils saves your time and helps to process the recipe faster.


  • Vanilla Ice Cream – A pint or large box that is enough for your ideal servings. 
  • Twix Bars & KitKat Bars – Full size, large packs. 
  • White Chocolate Chips – Large size pack of the brand of your choice.
  • Corn Flakes – The brand of your choice and crushed fines to have right amount of crunch and flakes

Tools / Utensils

  • A baking sheet
  • Parchment or butter paper
  • 2 deep bowls
  • A flat clean dish or clean cutting board

How to Make Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

Preparing The Ingredients

Put your ice cream, Twix and KitKat bars in the freezer for a few hours or until these are solid cold.

Line Up the Tools

Make space in your freezer to place a baking sheet. Line up the baking sheet with parchment or butter paper to place ice cream drumsticks on it. Get yourself a large cutting board to shape the drumsticks. Grab a pair of plastic gloves.

Fried Chicken Ice cream
Fried Chicken Ice Cream
fried chicken ice cream

Shaping The Drumsticks

Place a frozen KitKat or Twix stick on the cutting board. Scoop some vanilla ice cream and top it on the stick. You can have multiple scoops to get enough ice cream that helps you craft the drum stick. Now using your hand, shape the ice cream into a drum stick covering the KitKat/Twix stick. Make the number of drum sticks you want and line them in the baking sheet, to put in the freezer.

Freeze The Drumsticks

Now let the chicken legs freeze for about 3 or more hours

fried chicken ice cream
fried chicken ice cream

Crush Corn Flakes

Add 3 cups of corn flakes in a zip lock bag and roll them using a rolling pin. Make sure these are coarsely crushed and resemble bread crumbs

Melt The Chocolate Chips

Take a small bowl that can fit on top of your saucepan. Fill the pan to its 1 ⁄ 3 with water and bring it to simmer on the stove. Place the bowl on top and add chocolate chips into it. Let the chocolate sips to melt and keep stirring them to have a smooth paste.

Coating The Drumsticks

Take out the drumsticks from the freezer and dip each of them quickly into melted chocolate and coat with corn flakes. Coat and roll them nicely. Keep modeling the drumsticks into their shape using your hands and line them back to the baking sheet.

Freeze Again

Place the sheet again in freezer for another 2 hours

Serve & Enjoy!

fried chicken ice cream

Once the drumsticks are firm, remove them from the freezer and serve to enjoy!

Fried Chicken Ice Cream Recipe

Yield: 1 serving

Level : Medium

Total Time:  5 Minutes

Active:    2 Minutes

Prep:  3 Minutes 

Waiting Time: 30 Minutes

Nutritional AnalysisPer Serving
Serving Size1 serving
Cholesterol40 mg
Total Fat17 g
Saturated Fat 2 g
Carbohydrates23 g
Protein 2 g
Sodium80 mg
Sugar16 g
By cookingflavour.com


  • 1 chocolate bar stick
  • 4-6 ice cream scoops
  • ½ cup cornflakes
  • ½ cup melted white chocolate

Directions For Fried chicken Ice cream


Take a plate or tray and spread a plastic foil on it.Take 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and press it down gently.

Step 2:

Place a kit Kat chocolate stick or a chocolate bar as per the size of your requirement, and put more scoops of ice cream on it and wrap the chocolate bar well. Then wrap the plastic foil around it, shaping it as a chicken leg and freeze it for 30 minutes.

Step 3:

Take out the fried chicken leg from the freezer and dip it in the melted white chocolate carefully.

Step 4:

With the help of a hammer, crush down around 1 cup of cornflakes in a plastic bag and coat it on the frozen and white chocolate dipped chicken leg ice cream. Chicken ice cream is ready to serve!

fried chicken ice cream

Difference between fried chicken ice cream and ice cream ?

Although it is ice cream, the difference between fried chicken ice cream and ice cream is that the fried chicken ice cream doesn’t melt due to its solid texture. The fried chicken ice cream is firstly frozen making it hard and then coated with white chocolate and cornflakes cereal so it takes much time to melt.

Tips for Success:

It is a recipe that might make you seek a helping hand. However, here are some essential tips for success that help you in getting the best results every time.

Keep Everything Arranged in Advance

There are things to be arranged quickly and you alone might have difficulty doing that.

Try Out Multiple Flavors

You can also use different flavors to make fried chicken ice cream in the shape of a drumstick and use different types of cereals too.

fried chicken ice cream

Follow Proper Freezing Time

Keep the fried chicken ice cream in the freezer until it is time to serve it to the loved ones.

How to Store:

Storing your fried chicken ice cream for a long time is pretty easy. Here is what you should do:

  • Prepare your ice cream drumsticks and freeze them well
  • Once these are hard, transfer them to an air-tight freezer-safe container
  • Close the lid tight to avoid any frost burns on ice cream
  • Do not coat the corn flakes or cereals to avoid them being soggy
  • You can keep these drumsticks in freezer for two weeks

NOTE: Before serving the ice cream drumsticks, coat them nicely with cereal to give them a nice golden touch of fried chicken and crunch.

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